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Private Lessons with Sherolyn B.

1/week, billed monthly
Piano (ages 5+),   Voice (ages 5+),   Guitar (ages 5+)

Sherolyn B.

Sherolyn has a Bachelor of Science in Music with an emphasis in singing performance, a Master of Arts in Communication, a nearly-completed Teacher certification for grades 1-12. She has held college-level teaching positions and has had several years of experience in broadcasting in both public radio and television. For 20+ years she has lead worship in team settings, singing and playing the guitar. She has also sang many original songs for weddings, community events, and churches. To her it is a passion to encourage students as a ministry to help honor God and let the light of students shine through their own passions. She never wants to stop teaching or learning.

$37.50/lesson, Month to month

Thursday at Littleton School of Music

$37.50/lesson, Month to month

Friday at Littleton School of Music