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Private Lessons with MJ P.

1/week, billed monthly
Piano (ages 5+),   Voice (ages 5+),   Guitar (ages 5+),   Flute (ages 5+),   Saxophone (ages 5+),   Bassoon/Oboe (ages 5+),   Clarinet (ages 5+),   Songwriting (ages 2+)


MJ has a masters in Music Education from CU Boulder and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in education and PHD in psychology. Her music training includes piano, voice, folk guitar, and the woodwind family. She is also a practitioner of the trilogy of expression in performance. Fun facts about MJ also include that she enjoys hiking and gardening. MJ believes that music has the power to unlock the voice of the heart and loves mentoring learners who are enthusiastic about expressing from the heart as well.

$37.50/lesson, Month to month

Monday at Littleton School of Music